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Jazz etude, duet, and combo books along with online beginning saxophone lessons and jazz improvisation lessons by Randy Hunter. Explore the site for free samples and lots of information for jazz players of all instruments.

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NOW in book format for alto & tenor sax

This book contains everything you need to know to learn how to play the saxophone, providing you with the equivalent of at least a dozen private saxophone lessons by experienced private and university saxophone instructor, Randy Hunter. 

Available for some time on www.beginningsax.com as a series of downloadable lessons, this method includes a 53 page illustrated book & flash drive with:

• 3 video & written introductory lessons making sure you know how to assemble, hold, & blow your sax correctly

• 10 video & written lessons that address the fundamentals of saxophone playing

• Audio demonstrations of all of the “Playing Exercises” 

• 7 audio jazz improvisation lessons (mp3 format)

• 7 audio jazz improvisation play-along tracks with a professional rhythm
section (mp3 format)

BONUS: 6 Sax Tips videos that address inflection & tone production
(included with the book purchase only)

Note: All relevant files are included for both alto & tenor sax


PRICE: $99.95 + $3 Shipping


Visit www.beginningsax.com to find out more about the lessons and to purchase them individually or collectively as downloadable files...


Advanced jazz etudes & text covering a broad range of information. For students of improvisation & style, this method serves as a tool for practicing, developing, & understanding multiple aspects of playing jazz saxophone.

Twenty-four etudes, incorporating six sets of chord changes, are included. The progressions are from standard tunes & a B flat blues.

Four etudes are assembled in progressive order for each chord progression. The first etudes were created from the basic scales used to construct the chords. Advancing harmonic & rhythmic components are incorporated in the second through fourth etudes.

Written text offers insight into the creation of the selections. Discussions of the chord changes, improvisational concepts, harmony, & phrasing, help to bridge the gap between playing written studies & improvising.

The 71 pages of text & etudes included in this book provide students with information needed to advance their study of jazz improvisation & style. This method is a valuable source of practice & study material for any serious jazz student.

Tenor and alto sax etudes are included on adjacent pages, allowing combinations of players to practice the etudes simultaneously.

A CD is included with slow and fast accompaniment/practice tracks. Demonstrations of the tenor sax etudes, performed using the fast tracks, offer a model for stylistic interpretation with regard to articulation, accents, phrasing, inflection, & dynamics..............$24.95


See the "LEVEL THREE Jazz Etudes for Saxophone" review by Harri Rautiainen @ "Sax on the Web"


"Randy's Jazz Etudes for Saxophone are tailor made for the musician who wants to read and study great accessible jazz melodies that are totally in the tradition of jazz. The are fun and great for the ear."
Jerry Bergonzi
Internationally acclaimed jazz saxophonist, author, and educator


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Select Instrument
"Complete Jazz Styles" etude & duet books are available for musicians with beginning, intermediate, and advancing jazz skills. Swing, jazz rock, funk & Latin style selections are included. Text, along with demonstration & play-along tracks assure correct interpretation, helping students to build a solid foundation for reading jazz charts & improvising. Perfect for private lessons or as an indivdual study method. The selections are also suitable for audition & performance situations such as Solo & Ensemble Festival...............$16.95

Twelve selections are included in each etude book & all books are compatible.
Each duet book provides ten selections with the alto & tenor sax books compatible.

The COMPLETE JAZZ STYLES musicians: Randy Hunter, WOODWINDS; Guy Fenocchi, GUITAR; John Hooper, BASS; Bob Lewis, TROMBONE, Karl Liberatore, TRUMPET and Tim Nash, DRUMS
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Three-part jazz combo arrangements in a variety of styles with soli & solo sections create the feel of playing in a full jazz ensemble. Improvisation suggestions & playable chord changes make soloing possible for students having basic instrumental skills. The wind instrument books contain optional written solos that may be used as improvisational studies. The rhythm books focus on teaching players to interpret & perform jazz styles using lead sheets & lead sheet type arrangements. This method is a perfect addition to the jazz education library of any school or educational institution.

Eight selections with demonstration & instrument specific play-along CD’s are included with each book in the “Set the Stage Jazz Combo/Small Group Arrangements & Instruction” series.......Books: $16.95............. Conductor's Score: $24.95

The SET THE STAGE musicians: Randy Hunter, SAXOPHONES; Guy Fenocchi, GUITAR, co-author guitar & bass books; John Hancotte, BASS; Bob Lewis, TROMBONE; Karl Liberatore, TRUMPET & Tim Nash, DRUMS , co-author drum book.


"Set The Stage" Jazz Combo series

This demonstration by Randy Hunter was created for Playjazznow.com using a background track from their series of online jazz play-along tracks. Visit the "Free Stuff" page of Randy Hunter Jazz to view a video lesson by Randy on playing "Rhythm Changes".

“For the young musician, Randy Hunter has put together a well thought out, comprehensive series of jazz study books dealing with the feeling of music. How things should be played and studied melodically, rhythmically and harmonically from an early age, which is the key to developing one’s own approach to improvisation and ensemble playing. These books: Introductory Etudes and Duets Book 1 are not just filled with exercises and patterns for a change! Thanks Randy.”
Joe Lovano
Blue Note Recording Artist
Gary Burton Chair in Jazz Performance Berklee College of Music
“Randy Hunter has put together a series of excellent jazz trumpet studies that are designed to get beginners off on the right track with regards to Swing and Improvising.The written text is also very clear and insightful... Very well done!”
Randy Brecker
The Brecker Brothers, IAJE Clinician
World Renowned Jazz Artist and Educator
“Randy’s Jazz Etudes for Saxophone are tailor made for the musician who wants to read & study great accessible jazz melodies that are totally in the tradition of jazz. The are fun and great for the ear.”
Jerry Bergonzi
Internationally recognized jazz performer, composer, author & educator.
“It’s always great to find refreshing material that adds variety and challenge to your jazz consciousness. Randy Hunter’s Jazz Etudes for Saxophone, Level Three provides a wealth of informative examples and well-crafted contrafactual musical compositions to use with or without the enclosed play-along CD. The material is systematically organized and easy to follow. This will be a welcome addition to my studio library.”

Chris Vadala
Director of Jazz Studies/Professor of Saxophone
University of Maryland School of Music
Selmer Saxophones and D’Addario/Rico Reed Artist Clinician

The Level Three book of Jazz Etudes for Saxophone by Randy Hunter is a great addition to any students’ library and will surely help with reading and phrasing jazz rhythms and phrases. I gladly give it my highest recommendation.
Dr. Bruce Eskovitz
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NEW: Online Jazz Lessons- I have a new series of downloadable jazz improvisation lessons at my new Beginning Sax site. These lessons consist of a series of video podcasts, complete with PDF lessons that you can take to the practice room. While nothing beats good private instruction, these lessons are being developed through my twenty-five years of teaching experience in a format facilitated by modern technology. CLICK HERE to visit the Jazz Improvisation Lessons page.

NEW: Online Beginning Sax Lessons - I am excited to have recently launched a new website, www.beginningsax.com, that features a series of beginning saxophone lessons, complete with video instruction, text, and play-alongs - all available for purchase in electronic download format. If you or someone you know is interested in learning how to play the sax, check this site out. There are also a number of free resources for beginning saxophonists at the site. CLICK HERE to visit the Beginning Sax site.

Randy Hunter Jazz Books: For those interested in jazz saxophone music, please be certain to check out the most recent release in my series of jazz instruction books, Level Three Jazz Etudes for Saxophone .

This is a set of swing & bop etudes for advanced jazz saxophone studies. A large portion of the book is dedicated to explaining the music theory used in the construction of the etudes, making this both a style and improvisation method. The book is rapidly gaining momentum thanks largely to endorsements by musicians like Jerry Bergonzi, Chris Vadala, & Claire Daly, and reviews at Sax on the Web and the Sax Shed.

I am dedicated to providing high quality jazz instruction material for use in private lessons, jazz workshops, jazz combos & classroom settings. The jazz etudes and duets in my “Complete Jazz Styles” series even work well for the many self-taught jazzers interested in learning to play jazz saxophone, trumpet, trombone, or flute. “Set the Stage” combo books are useful in classroom and workshop settings, or as a method for learning improvisation techniques & the music theory necessary to begin improvising.

Please check the free downloads & buy one or more of my books! Your support makes it possible for me to continue working to develop new, innovative material for today’s jazz students.

While visiting, be certain to check out the many free features my site has to offer. Promotional downloads from all of my books are provided in MP3 & PDF form by clicking on the more info buttons. A jazz teacher directory is available as a free service for educators & students interested in private lessons...no log in or password required. A link to our Free Stuff page leads you to free jazz improvisation & style lessons, transcriptions, free manuscript paper, a saxophone embouchure article with exercises, Georgia all-state jazz etude demonstrations, & more.

You may also wish to check out the audio clips of Atlanta saxophone player, Randy Hunter, found on this website and at www.myspace.com/randyhunterjazz. Randy is available as a freelance musician & is also capable of providing entertainment for clubs and private events with a number of Atlanta bands including Metro Quest, Kayla Taylor Jazz, The Merci Brothers, and The League of Decency.

If you have a relevant site & are interested in exchanging links, drop me a note. If you are a music retailer interested in stocking any or all of my books, please contact me for a retailer price schedule. If you would like to be added to my mailing list, drop me a note...I will maintain your privacy by not sharing your email address.

Thanks for stopping by,

Randy Hunter
Jazz Saxophone Instructor
Artist Affiliate
Emory University, Atlanta, GA

2016-17 Georgia All-State JAZZ Sax Etude Demonstrations



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